Thursday, September 25, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Welcome back to Thankful Thursday, a feature started by Talk Nerdy To Me. Here are just a few things I am thankful for this week...

1. visits with my parents

I love that I can still go visit my parents and that they have a great relationship with my kids. I love that they let us stay overnight and eat their food and mess up their house and take up their weekend! I love that they actually play with the kids too!  I am so grateful for them in so many ways that I can't express.

2. Free LEGO Celebrations

I got a text from my sister to let me know that there was a LEGO event happening this past weekend at Guildford Mall to celebrate the 1st year of the LEGO store. (yes, it turns out that I managed to hold out on bringing my lego-obsessed kids there for a year!) So we raced (safely, of course) over and made it just in time!  The kids got to make these cute garden pieces at an area set up near the store for free.

 (I love Eden's grin as she is squashed between her brothers!)

Then we perused the busy store. Wow, that was fun!  It's actually smaller than I expected, but there was so much to see! There was a small table for little kids to build, and an area where you could put together your own custom minifigs (the kids liked that one. You could also buy three for $12.99), and a wall of pieces that you could fill into a cup. We spent a good hour or more in there! Since we spent over $35, we also got a special birthday set for free! We also joined the VIP program; I figure with three boys, we could easily make up those points! (you get 1 point for every dollar spent and when you reach 100 points, you get $5! That isn't an amazing deal when you think that there isn't anything less than $5.99 in the store, but it's something, and it gets the kids excited!)

It was a good afternoon at a mall that I hadn't been to since I was a teenager! So much had changed. It looked completely different with the remodel. We decided that we'll have to go back and check out the other stores; we couldn't go for too long as Eden needed a nap (and I didn't bring a stroller, oops) and Abi's knee was bothering her. I was so grateful that as we were walking back (or hobbling) to our van, one of the Customer Service reps drove up on her Courtesy Cart to offer the kids some free temporary tattoos and honey sticks from the Honeybee Centre, and she offered to drive us to the entrance we were parked near! Hooray! That was a fun ride!

3. Memories

While at the Guildford Town Centre Mall, I had to go to New York Fries! I hadn't had their poutine in years! It brought back many happy memories of shopping with my friend. 

My kids weren't as impressed though and refused to try it! Silly kids!

4.Answered Prayers

On Friday, Kai wanted to ride his bike after school, but found that the bike that was put at the side of the house wasn't there anymore! We looked everywhere, but it was truly missing. My boy was in tears!  Someone stole his bike, yet they left the two smaller bikes in the yard, plus the two scooters, and the brand new lawn mower at the side of the house; it didn't make sense!  My heart was so sad for him!

We learned that our neighbours found Bryn's bike in the front of their yard that morning and had returned it before we got up, so it was looking more like someone out there being jerks. Taking bikes just because they didn't want to walk or just in the delight in being selfish and mean. But there was hope for Kai's bike being out there still too!  

At dinner, we prayed that God would show us where the bike was, and for our faith to grow since asking for a lost bike seems so "small" compared to the "big issues" happening in the world.

An hour later, Kai is running home and yelling that our other neighbours know where his bike is and they were going to get it!!!!  Thank-you, God, for answering even simple prayers!

Unfortunately, we didn't get the bike back the way we were hoping. I laugh that we should've been more specific with our prayers, but honestly, we are happy to have it back than to think it is still out there and someone is riding it. Sadly though, no one can ride it. Whomever stole it left it where it could be hit by a car, so it is dented and damaged. Hunny may be able to straighten it out, but we don't know if that would be the best idea yet or not. So we are praying for a solution now, but we are confident that something will come up.

I am thankful that we got an answer to a prayer that we made, and that the kids could see that and that we can grow in our faith in these activities.

5.Littlest Cousins

We had another playdate with the Littlest Cousins and it was fun! They are all so close in age (M is 7 months old, G is 2 years old and E is 3) and for the first time, Eden gets to be the biggest! 

These kids are busy and silly and keep me on my toes! It's not easy getting pictures of them as they are always moving too fast for my camera!

6. Canned Peaches

Hooray for peaches and being able to can some again this year! Although, I'd like to know why it is called "canning" when they are clearly put into a jar, not a can.

I managed the task by myself and I am proud to say that I was able to can 11 jars up! (Eden wanted to help, but thought that it was too messy, so she bailed on me after this picture was taken!)

7. Back to school

Okay, so this doesn't relate to me directly, but I am so thankful that things were able to be sorted enough that a deal was mediated and the public schools started up again this week! The kids have lost a month of school (I think I read it was over 20 days in total) and it was getting frustrating! I am thankful for the parents' and the kids' sakes---the kids needed to be back. 

8. Hand me downs

I am so thankful for friends and acquaintances who like to pass on clothes for my kids. It's cheaper than shopping second hand! I had some clothes given to me as a kid too, but I ended up feeling self conscious sometimes at school (I was so worried that I'd wear a shirt and one of the popular girls would say, "that's my shirt!" and I'd try to deny it, and they'd say loudly, "yes, there's my old spaghetti stain on the sleeve!" LOL I have a bit of an imagination!)  I am so thankful that my kids don't worry about things like that!

Abi loves this new overall-bib vest that was given to her this week. (worn over her dress) It's very quirky!  She pointed out that she doesn't think that she's had to shop for many clothes in a store, which she thought was neat!

We are blessed and I am thankful.

9. This silly boy

This boy, who is slowly transforming into a little man, is a tough kid. He is stubborn and prone to ignoring instructions, but so giggly and likes to help and be in charge. He now loves to snuggle and give hugs, which is something he didn't like to do too much before! He makes me laugh. 

We attempted a selfie, but well, I am not good at those! So I had B take our picture...and this is what he came up with! haha.

10. Downpours

Yes, sometimes I love me a good downpour. Like the one we had this week. I felt bad for the kids at our elementary school who were doing the Terry Fox run in that rain, but gave myself a fist pump for packing extra clothes just in case of that happening! 

I totally enjoyed sitting in front of our big window with Eden watching the rain pour onto the street in big puddles. There is something exciting and fascinating and peaceful (yes, peaceful) about a downpour to me!


That's my week. What are some things you are thankful for? If you haven't stopped to think up a list, do it now! Even if you only come up with three things, it's still three things to look back on and remember. Being grateful opens up our hearts to more joy. Try it!


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