Saturday, June 13, 2015

Foggy Moments

Please excuse the absense, it's been a bit of a crazy busy June so far. It usually is, but this one seems to be more so. There's been a lot of end-of-unit field trips, birthday parties, and bbqs, and not many quiet evenings, lazy weekends or early nights. Then you add into it a wonky thyroid and medicine doseage changes and you've got a mixed up me.

I've had a few "brain fog" moments this week. Remember me talking about that last summer? It's used to describe symptoms such as forgetfulness and inability to focus. I just can't seem to think straight lately! 

My not-so-steller moments include getting ready for school one morning and not being able to find my glasses. I thought I had put them on top of my dresser, but the pair on there did not look familiar. They were the same purple-red colour, but I didn't think the design on the arms or the thickness was correct; this was an old pair.  So I looked out on the kitchen counter, another favourite place to leave them, but no luck either. So back to my room: I thought for sure that's where I put them the night before!  Seeing as it was getting later, I needed to just grab a pair and go. To my surprise, when I put on the old pair on the dresser, I could see perfectly fine! There were indeed my current pair! I felt a bit silly. How could I forget what my glasses looked like?

My next incident happened yesterday when I went to swith the clothes from the washer to the dryer. I walked into the basement and opened the washer, which is the lower machine in the stack. When I reached in and touched the wet clothes, I sighed in annoyance.  Why were they wet? Did I not turn on the dryer? Argh!
....and then I remembered they were supposed to be wet: this was the wash machine! I came down to put the clothes into the dryer!  Sheesh!

And then tonight, I found my thyroid pill on the counter. And now I'm wondering if I remembered to take it this morning!  Oh great!


I need sleep!  And some quiet nights!  
Just a few more days left of this school year....


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