Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Evening at the Creek

I love it when my Hunny surprises us!  He called from work to instruct me to have the kids fed and ready to go out as soon as he got home, and that's all he said!

Our evening consisted of going for a walk around Williams Park and splashing in the creek! (which is actually Salmon River, but it's slow and not deep so it resembles more of a creek in some areas)  It was perfect for the kids!

Especially for Bryn, who was first to get into the water, of course!  He's always the first one to get soaked doing something!  I'm starting to pack extra clothes for him.  I need to start to make sure that he removes his shoes first though, as he's not always good at that.

The kids tried to skip rocks, played in the sand, and ran around seeing how deep they could go in the water! My kids are attracted to water, it seems!

  {he looks so cute, cuddly and innocent!}

  {Abi looking like an aloof model!}

 There was a fallen tree that the kids had fun climbing.  Abi made it her goal to climb up to the end of it, which stood taller than Hunny at 6'4".  It took her a while, but she did it!

{almost there!  it's a tiring job!}

{woohoo! made it!}

When we finally convinced them to get out of the creek, they played at the playground for a while.  It's a small one, but it's not busy there, so it was great. There was only one other family there with a toddler.

 {to infinity and beyond!} 

 It's funny how I've heard of Williams Park, yet had never been there until this month!  Our school will do things there, and our men's group at church will hold their bbq evenings with the kids there, though. And now since I finally made it out, I've gone three times! It's where we decided to host our family birthday party too. (we will do a joint party for Eden and Rhys for family since they are just nine days apart.) I like this park!  Aside from the mosquitoes at the river in the evenings, it's a great place to go with the family. I have never found it to be busy at all at any time I've been. 

Check it out! It may be your new favourite too!


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