Saturday, June 27, 2015

step one, check!

I got the phone call I was hoping for yesterday!

 I have been trying for almost two years now to have Rhys assessed at Sunny Hill, which is a program for children with developmental delays and/or on the autism spectrum. He just turned 7, but still is at a 4 yr old level in a lot of things and we have been trying to find some answers for a while now. Well, they finally called! 

I talked to a woman who was working on our file and she was really nice and helpful. She asked me a bunch of questions on my concerns, plus the typical "how does he do with this...?" type of ones. She is going to set us up with a developmental pediatrician, a physiotherapist, a psychologist (or psychiatrist, I can't recall), a speech therapist and a social worker! (The social worker is what is the scary word.  It's the fears of what the name means, right? In the news, it is a Social worker that takes kids away from families! But I was told that she was there to advocate for him and to show us how to...more like a case worker!) 

Yay! I'm not too sure when these appointments will be made, but I'm hoping soon! Having specialists assess him could mean an eventual diagnosis, or at least something to help him from falling farther behind. He needs help in school, but not 100% of the time, so it's difficult! 

The other news is that we got a letter in the mail letting us know of an appointment for assessment at the Biochemical Diseases Clinic at BCCH.  That was out of nowhere! I hadn't heard of this place, until it was pointed out to me that it was TIDE BC, the clinic we were hoping to get him into!! They work alongside the genetics department in efforts to "prevent and treat intellectual disability", using diet or medication. (I prefer the term "delayment" as it doesn't sound so scary to me as ID!) I'm excited about this appointment, even though it's not til October. 

It's the start of something good.  The start of some important steps!  It's hard not to feel hopeful, so for now I am going to be thankful and celebrate!


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