Thursday, June 11, 2015

No longer a Threenager

How can it be?  Miss Eden Shae is no longer a Threenager! She turned four years old today and spent most of the day in excitement, asking if it was still her birthday and when her party was!

She is our last baby. That is, no other babies are on our minds, or in the back of our thoughts, or wished for or desired of! It is not in Our Plans to have another. *

She really is everything all put together in this little package. 

She is fiesty and knows what she wants (and it's not THAT!)

She is sweetness and hugs. 

She is giggles and smiles.

She is strong and fierce.

 She is dance and song. 

She is Princess and Knight.

She has definitely kept us on our toes!  I couldn't imagine our family without our little girl.  She is the second girl I wished, prayed, cried, and begged for 8 years. I wanted a little sister for Abi. They would be best friends, just like my sister and I. Well, we got her, and the relationship will not exactly be like what I was expecting or hoping for, but she is the perfect end to our family!

Happy birthday, Miss E!  You are a blessing addition and we are so thankful for the joy you have brought us!

*I'd be lying if I didn't say that seeing newborn tiny humans didn't make me all mushy and want to hold one! I am eagerly waiting to arrival of my newest nephew this Fall!  I am also recognizing that My Plan is not nearly as big or as wonderful as God's Plan. So if there is another baby in our future, it would be all His doing, and who am I to stand in the way of the One who created the universe and knows everything???


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