Friday, August 7, 2015

a compassionate view on abortion

This is too good to not be shared.

I'm sure you have heard about the heartbreaking videos that were released about some Planned Parenthood management trying to sell baby parts from the aborted fetus' they have. There are five altogether. If you have somehow missed this, please look into it! They are difficult to watch and hear about, but it needs to be known.

This was posted today on Ann Voskamp's blog and it is so beautifully written.

It's a compassionate view. One that I wish more people had.

"Abortion isn’t so much about a woman having a choice — but a woman feeling like she has no choice at all."

"When we say that Womb Lives Matter — it doesn’t for one iota of a moment mean that women’s lives don’t count, don’t have a voice, don’t matter. When we say that Womb Lives Matter, we aren’t saying that only pre-born people matter and women don’t —- we are saying that pre-born people matter equally too .It’s part of the DNA of true social justice: Humanity believes in mutual human flourishing — in the flourishing of all human beings. History, genocides, Nazism, racism, haven’t they all proved at the very least this to humanity: It’s when we dehumanize anyone, that we can legitimize anything."

"What does it say of our humanity when we place value on aborted human organs — but not on the human baby who had those organs? We sit with that, how we failed woman and child. Every abortion is a failure of humanity: failing a human being in crisis and a human being in utero."

A Holy Experience: An Honest Conversation about abortion that asks us not to turn away -- from anyone. The Emmaus Option.

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