Thursday, August 27, 2015

four.5 hours of sleep

I don't think I could possibly stress enough the importance of sleep! I truly can see what inadequate sleep does to my body, especially since I already have to deal with daily fatigue from my dumb broken thyroid! (lack of sleep effects my heart rate and gives me chest pain and makes it hard to breathe as my main symptoms.) My nights have always been very scattered, and being a Night Owl doesn't help; I used to blame it on being a Mom and having to go to kids in the night, but as they are mostly sleeping through the nights now (hooray!), I realized I couldn't say that anymore. (boo!) It turns out that I just can't fall asleep easily, and I can't seem to stay asleep for long.  

Last week I was dealing with insomnia of sorts--- I don't think it was a true case of it, as I would eventually sleep, but I would be up until 3:30am some nights, willing sleep to come. It's not that I had my mind filled with thoughts or worries either; I had a blank mind! It was frustrating!

Imagine my delight when I finally slept last night! A whole four and a half hours!!! 


With dreams!

I am one happy mama again!!!


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