Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Somehow this boy turned nine over the weekend. How did that happen?  He was just a wee babe, in the NICU, learning to swallow and grow not so long ago! Time has marched on.

Since Bryn and his best friend, Forrest, both have a birthday in August, just a week apart, we thought it would be fun for them to have a joint pool birthday party! Thankfully, his family hosted it since their pool is nicer (and actually is filled up and non-stretched, haha) and they have a bigger yard with a trampoline. I thought it worked out great! I sent out the invitations and took care of the food.

We really didn't feel the need to do any major decorating, even though there are so many amazing and beautiful parties out on Pinterest-land. (and I'd be lying if I didn't say that I dream of hosting a magnificent party like those. Sadly, our budget doesn't provide for me the ability yet. Either that or I'm not that creative with my resources. ...It could be a mix of both!)  We did start up our own Pin board though, for ideas! And we did decide to go with a Shark Theme. But other than the shark decor on the table and the cupcakes, that was about it! Oh, and I make candy skewers with fish and worm gummies!


 The party was a lot of fun! It was a small group. (the boys only had a few they invited, and not many can come during the summer.) so the numbers were perfect!

The weather held out too. It was a bit cloudy and not very hot, but no major rains, so the boys could go into the pool for a bit. (two friends spent most of the party there actually. Everyone else thought it was too cold!)

Then there was trampoline jumping and wrestling. (I'm learning to turn my eyes from that and just let boys do what they do. And boys like to wrestle!)

I am so pleased with how the day turned out!

 I love these goofy boys!


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