Thursday, August 13, 2015

Thankful Thursday

Welcome back to Thankful Thursday, a feature started by Louise at Talk Nerdy to Me, where we look back over our week and remember our blessings.  It is so good to see all that has happened, especially if you have had a particularly tough week. Being grateful is good for the soul. Here are just a few things that I am thankful for...

1. this boy

Bryn turned nine over the weekend! We had a pool party for him and celebrated at home, pretty simple.

I am so thankful for this boy and his silly, fun-loving attitude, his kindness and adventuresome spirit. He really is special in how he cares for his friends deeply.

2. our growing garden

We built a raised garden bed in our backyard a few months ago (and when I say We, I mean my Hunny!) and planted a whole bunch of seeds, not realizing that all of them would take and grow! We have so many Beets right now and Scarlet Runners (beans) growing! (and I forget what else)

Yay for fresh veggies!

3.  Anniversaries

My parents celebrated their 42nd Anniversary this week. 42 Years! I am so blessed by their marriage, and thankful for how they have shown love and commitment and strength through their trials and triumph. 

Also this week, my "half brother" and his wife celebrated 20 years of marriage! 20 is forever long in today's standards! I remember going to their wedding; they were the first out of my brother's friends to get married...or at least, the first out of the group that I knew.  (He technically isn't my half brother, I just liked to call him that! I have known him since I was 12, so I also like to call him "the brother I never wanted"! He means a lot to me and our family!)

4. Camping trips

Bryn was invited to go camping with his cousin, aunt and grandma this week! We figured that he and his cousin get along so well (they are a lot alike), that it would be nice to have them for company, and to make the camping trip more fun! 

They were local, staying up at a campsite near Cultus Lake, so it really wasn't hard for us to let him go for the week! I love that he gets to go out and have fun with his cousin. 

5. Sudden Sleepovers

Since we were passing right by her house (ok, mostly), I thought it would be fun to pick up Abi's friend for a sleepover. It's hard not living by your friends! And at this age, they still need a lot of parental pushing for get togethers!  I'm glad that it worked out for her to come over. They stayed up late watching shows on Netflix, slept in and went to visit a friend, and spent some time in the pool.  I am thankful for sudden sleepovers and time spent with friends!

6. New Wheels

Bryn is an active kid who loves to jump and run everywhere, so when he asked for roller blades for his birthday, how could we not say yes? 

7. Fun shopping trips

Abi convinced me to take her to the mall to buy some suspenders! (she is so nerdy!) I am so thankful for our fun excursions. She found her suspenders, along with a tiara (she likes shiny things!) and a really cool shirt. I found myself a cool wrap bracelet and dress! Yay for good deals and lots of laughter!

8. Evenings on the creek

The kids and I took a trip up to the campsite to visit Bryn, and to check out the site, and spent the evening floating down the creek on inflatables! It was a fun time! (post to come soon)

9. Friends in your neighbourhood

We learned that one of Abi's friends lives a lot closer to us than we thought! They can walk to eachother's houses, or meet at the park now. Yay! It's not easy going to a school that's not in your neighbourhood; your friends are spread out all over the city sometimes, so this is good news!

10. scheduled appointments made

We got the phone call this morning with dates for appointments to be seen at the Fraser Development Centre. It's going to be a busy September! Some of these appointments are for Rhys (who, for some strange reason, the woman thinks I would name my child RICE. It's funny how many people don't know how to pronounce the name. I understand that it can be difficult when it comes to non-typical names, but I still find it funny that I have to correct people. No, not Rice, but REE-S! It's the traditional Welsh spelling.)  Some of these appointments are just for me. (they used the word "conference." That means Big Stuff!)  I'm relieved and so thankful that we are moving somewhere, but also now feeling anxious and nervous! I'm sure I'll have a lot to talk about next month!

So that's my week in a nutshell. How about you? What are you thankful for?


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