Monday, August 17, 2015

Medals and Prizes

This year, I enrolled some of the kids in the summer reading club at the Surrey Public Library. We hadn't done that before, and I'm not too sure why! It's pretty simple, you just have your child read for 20 minutes each day (or, read to them, like I did with Rhys.) and then check off each day on the booklet they give you. After a week (or more, as in our case), you take your sheet back in to the library and they give you stickers for each 7 days you have read. Once you have collected seven stickers, you are awarded a medal! Yay!

Today was our seventh sticker collection.

 The boys were excited to get their medals.

We also got a phone call that Abi had won in last month's drawing contest. We had gone in earlier to pick up her prize (she chose a water gun!) but today I managed to get a picture of her drawing hanging on the wall.



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