Thursday, February 19, 2015

Thankful Thursday

Welcome back to Thankful Thursday, a feature started by Louise at Talk Nerdy to Me, where we look back over our week to remember our blessings.  It is so good to see the good things that have happened, especially if you have had a particularly tough week. Being grateful is good for the soul. Here are just a few things that I am thankful for...

1. Muffins

I am thankful that I am able to bake for the family and that saves us some money on buying snacks.  I am more thankful when the kids actually eat it too!

And I am thankful for little girls who like to help out! (look at that determined face!)

2.  quick cards

B had a joint birthday party to go to with three friends, so I had to put together three cards quickly. It's a good thing I'm a cardmaker!

I didn't do anything too fancy. I figured they were just for some gr 3 boys who were not likely going to keep them. I just wanted them to look good and to have something for B to give them!

Yay for creative stamping!

3. Abi drawing

I love it that this girl has a talent to draw. It's something that I always wished I could do, but was never accomplished in. I love that she will just create cute and fun pictures, and that she will do them mostly for her friends.

I am thankful for natural talent, and talent that we can work at and enjoy and get better at!

4.  fun surprise gifts!

A friend of mine had posted on FB about the Valentine's candies that she was helping pack up for one of her child's class, which I had responded that I was going to steal my son's black ones from his box! (I thought they were in the same class; it turns out that they aren't! oops)  My friend said that she only added the black ones because she felt she should. Normally she throws them away! Imagine my shock! haha

A few minutes later she posted that she was sending some for me for Valentine's Day!

I enjoyed my black jelly beans! I feel loved!

5.  Old music

I pulled out some of my old CDs and had fun listening to them again this week! Yes, I still listen to cds. I don't have everything downloaded! Besides, I have a nice cd player in our van that makes me happy. I love the moments after I drop off Abi at Youth Group on Thursday nights and I get to play my music real loud!

I listened to my Rich Mullins cds "Songs 1 and 2" and remembered the beauty of his words and the musical talent and the tears I cried (in sadness and happiness) at his death. This song has touched me a lot this week: If I Stand.

Stuff of earth competes for the allegience I owe only to the giver of all good things

 If I stand, let me stand on the promise that you will pull me through
and if I can't, let me fall on the grace that first brought me to you.
If I sing, let me sing for the joy that is born in me these songs
If I weep, let it be as a man who is longing for his home.

Oh, I love music!

6. Conspiring Cousins in the Corner

I got to babysit my little nephews this week while my Favouritest Sister had a doctor's appointment. I enjoy spending time with them and I love watching them interact with Eden. I hope we are always able to be close enough for the cousins to grow up and play together.

 7. Early birthday celebrations

We celebrated my nephew's 1st birthday early this month, since this is what worked best for the family. I love family! I love birthdays!

8. visits

We made a trip out to see myparents on the weekend. I haven't been to see them in a while, so this was nice!  We discussed buisness plans and ideas for revamping Once Again Designs and came up with some great ideas! I'm excited about them!

After dinner, the kids played Monopoly with my Mom!

9. Flowers and sunshine 

We have been so blessed with sunshine and Spring-like weather this week.  It really does help with our attitudes and mood. It's hard to be grouchy when there is sunshine after so much rain and chill.

This is why I love living in BC. True Story!

10. 100 Day

This week marks 100 Days of school, which meant that the kindergarten class had a celebration! They made cute glasses shaped in the number 100 (Rhys wouldn't let me take a picture of him wearing them though)  and they each had to bring in 100 items for a snack party.  Rhys and I, with Kai's help, counted out 100 Cheerios! I was impressed with his counting skills! He could count to ten easily, and so we made ten groups of ten, and then he counted up to 100. I love that he is learning and retaining information!

That's my week in a nutshell. How has yours been? What are you thankful for?


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