Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Year of Specialists

I am fast beginning to realize that this is the year of appointments.

This week we have a Breathing Test for Abi. That should be interesting. I'm curious as to what will show up and what the specialist will suggest or say about her lung function.

We have her ENT appt booked for May. Yay! She has struggled a lot this winter with her tonsils and asthma and so I am happy to have this addressed. Especially when every doctor we saw (her own, plus two at the medical clinic) mentioned how Huge her tonsils were, so much so that our own doctor said that they were "almost kissing"! That can't be right!

We are finally seeing a new pediatrician for Rhys! I am so excited about that! We have actually seen this doctor before, when Bryn was a baby and struggling with reflux. This doctor also, incidentally, was the one on call when I brought Rhys into the ER at one month old and very very sick, and he's the one who did all sorts of tests on him (including spinal tap) to determine why he was having apnea spells. That was a scary visit! But this upcoming visit next month will be better! I'm looking forward to seeing a new doctor and hopefully getting something sorted out for Rhys. I hate having this Mommy Gut tell me something isn't "right" with my boy, but also having him "well enough" that I need to explain and justify myself.

For Kai, we got confirmation for his annual cardiology appointments in August, which is nice. I hate having to call BCCH to get our appointments booked. It is such a hassel and the receptionist never calls you back!  The doctor also has his 24-Hr Holter Monitor booked, as well as an exercise test, which shall be interesting.

Of course, we also have our usual dental visits (I'm not looking forward to an upcoming one) and an annual eye appointment next month as well. But those are normal.  Hopefully our "un normal" ones will give us good answers though. And for that I have hope and slight anticipation!


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