Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Market Day

Each year, the Grade Six classes at my children's middle school put on a Market Day, which is a part of their Theme course, as well as some parts Maths andsome part Service project, so it's a big deal. The students are put into groups and they have to come up with a small business, complete with mission statement and plan. They spend the next six weeks studying about buisnesses and the laws and how they are put together, and use that information towards getting their own company up and running.  At the end of the course, they open up their own school market and sell their wares! All proceeds go towards Opportunity International, an organization who gives micro loans to those starting up small businesses in developing countries.

When Abi was in grade six, she and three friends opened "Soapy Doapys", where they (well mostly Abi) made handsoaps and bracelets (the other girls made those). It was held in May or June, outdoors, in the beautiful sun.  This was the first year the school had done Market Day and it was impressive!

This year, Kai was in a group with his friends Sarah and Joshua, and they opened up "Piez of Pain", whose existence was to throw pies into people's faces for profit. Their slogan was "we've got pain-berry pies!" They had to research costs and do some practice throws (of course) and decide on the best type of whipped cream. Then they had to go before our own LCS Dragon's Den and pitch their idea! (this was a group of teachers and parents who had their own businesses. Abi didn't have to do Dragon's Den; this started in the second year.)  Kai was willing to take a pie in the face for that interview!  (I had to grab the photo off of Instagram since it made me laugh)

 Today was the actual day of Market Day, since they moved it up to winter instead of sunny early-summer. I missed much of it, due to errands and doctor's appointments, which was so disappointing. What sucked even more was that I couldn't take any photos since my phone completely died as well. So I had to borrow some off of friends.

 It looked like it was a successful Market Day, and the kids had a lot of fun. Kai enjoyed himself! I think he actually liked being pie'd in the face!  They even managed to convince some teachers to get pie'd, and some students agreed to do it for their friends! 

{fun and brave Mr Keuhl taking some piez to the face!}

I love seeing all of the fun ideas these kids come up with. There were the food tables (hotdogs, tacos and rumors of sloppy joes, not that I found them though) and snacks (the cotton candy table sold out by 1pm! and ice cream floats, chocolate-dipped fruit-kabobs and smoothies) and hand-crafted items (stress balls, headbands, bracelets, magnets) I always want to buy something, but I'm so indecisive and can't narrow down which to spend my meager-amount on! The "Bow Bros" made some really cool tiny bows/arrow sets that were well put together and worth the money.

 I did manage to grab some pictures of Kai afterwards, with his hair styled and full of whipped cream!

At a quick count, they made over $200!  That's impressive!  

Market Day actually makes me excited and want to try out a bunch of crafty ideas!  There are so many things that I want to make and it would be fun to open up a market to sell miscelaneous stuff! Surely people want to buy crafty un-themed items! It would be like a small-scale department store! *smile*  I love seeing creative people, and for some reason, brave people who open up their own small business excite me! (whether it's for a one-day class project or not)


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