Thursday, July 3, 2014

Face Painting Fun

The Youngers had fun getting their face painted by some art students at our LCS Festival a few weeks ago.  

I was impressed with how well Rhys sat for it. I told him he couldn't move or it wouldn't work, and he listened!  He was rewarded with an awesome Spiderman face!


 He loved his face paint!  He would've kept it on forever if he could've! (of course, most of it came of with rubbing his nose or eating or napping!)

 I wasn't too sure if Eden would sit still long enough for a big design (plus, I wasn't too sure what she'd really want. She surprisingly nixxed the Hello Kitty option) so I chose a simple star with bursts that took all of five minutes to paint!

Bryn decided on Batman! It turned out to be a cute little mask!

It was a good afternoon at the Festival! Now that the kids are older, I don't have as much stress about them being all over the place. The Olders are able to run off and play the games with their own friends, and I am able to keep the Youngers busy and near me!  This is a yearly event that we look forward to now!


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