Tuesday, July 8, 2014

we finally got the call!

We finally got the call!

BCCH Genetics called to set up an appointment for Rhys! We were on the waiting list for 15 months.  I was told that the doctor has been "out of the country a lot", but we have a date set in August.

It should be an interesting appointment; I'm not too sure what to expect. I imagine that they will go over our history, and they will likely ask all of the questions they asked me to fill out in his referral last year April. Then they will probably want to do some tests and I will have to somehow get bloodwork done on him. (oh joys)

At this point, I am not expecting that they will find anything. That is, they won't find something unusual and non-family-history stuff. I am not expecting to find a genetic reason for his delayment. But I feel we should have this done just to put it at rest.

The whole thing is obviously on my mind though, as I had such a strange dream the other night with Rhys and Genetic testing. Rhys was standing at the end of a building, I think it was a cafeteria or something. He was playing and I was keeping my eye on him as he was in his own little world of digging. When I looked over, there was an older man with him and he had squirted something into this circular plastic dish. He commented to me, "He's really small." I nodded. "Yes, he is," I replied good naturedly. It's an odd statement that you're never too sure if there is a correct way to respond. The man repeated himself with more inflection in his tone. He wanted to get his message across. "He's really small."  I nodded again with a thin smile. "Yes," I again agreed. That's when I realized this man was doing some sort of genetic test. I watched him seal the halves of the dish and then start to pump a level at the top. It made the liquids inside spin fast like one of those salad spinners. I watched the whole scene wondering how I felt and what I should do. Should I say something? Stop him? I was curious about his test, but I also wanted to wait for the professionals to carry out their own testing. So I kept quiet as I pondered my move.  
 Then I thought about how this strange man was able to get some DNA sample from my son and I somehow learned that he had Rhys pee into a cup for him!  Well, that's when I lost it! I was so incredibly angry that some stranger asked my son to do that; something that we would consider private and innapropriate. I grabbed that dish and I started to yell at this man, "how dare you!  you can't do that! you're not even a Geneticist!"  By then we were in the cafeteria and he was now working behind the counter as a cook, and he was looking at me blank faced and his co workers stopped and stared and didn't know what to say or do!  It was so strange. I remember wondering about the results and if I would be able to decifer them if the test was done, and then I wondered what kind of person was that interested in Genetics that they would want to conduct their own tests!

My Hunny thinks that I have strange dreams.

I don't think this means anything, I just thought it funny how it played out in my dreams!

We see the Genetics Doctor in one month.


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