Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thankful Thursday

 I decided to take up this challenge from Talk Nerdy To Me; where Louise posts ten things that she is thankful for that during the the week. I thought what a great idea! I could definitely put more effort out in being thankful. Sometimes the weeks go by and you miss the small things, you know? The events that occur that you don't think twice over. In thinking through your week more clearly, in doing that search for items, it is so much more easier to see just how wonderful life truly is! We really do have a lot to be thankful for!

I missed last week as we were away camping, but here is this week's list:

1. Cousins

B got invited out to the zoo with cousin Mia (they had a two-for-one entrance coupon) The two of them are so alike, it is so neat to see! They are both so incredibly silly and have oodles of energy to spare!  I hope they always hang out and do stuff together as they grow!

2. New Phones

We didn't get to fix the cracked screen on my Nexus cell yet, but were advised by a Telus salesperson that the best idea was to go buy a Samsung Discovery, which is a tiny touch screen, everything included, cell that comes with it's own SIM card. It only costs $70 and has no contract, so it was within our budget! In fact, I replaced my phone (we just swapped my old SIM into the Discovery) and Abi upgraded from her crappy Blackberry. (As much as I want to support a Canadian company, blackberry just isn't reliable and they didn't keep up with how fast technology is changing. It's sad.) It was a win-win situation for us!  

The Discovery isn't too bad either. It is taking me some time to get used to it still, but it is quite cute. It is very similar in looks and in application as my old Google Nexus. With just a smaller screen!  What I don't like about it is that silly Auto Suggestion! Oh my goodness!  It doesn't just want to correct your spelling, it wants to offer you other words instead. It tries to predict what you're typing and gives suggestions for you to click instead of finishing your own sentence. So very irritating. It would be like someone constantly interrupting you. "So I was.."  ""  "...going ..."  "for dinner?  with? a walk?"  " go to..." "bed? see? "  GAH!!! It was so frustrating. I finally took that option off of the phone. But now I find it irritating that my misspelled words aren't immediately corrected for me! *sigh*

I do love my new little phone though, and I am very happy to be able to join the rest of the world in texting instead of calling or visiting. Haha. I love being connected to FB all of the time, as well as Pinterest. (well, wherever wifi is!) And I love my apps. Which brings me to my next Thankful listing.

3.  Apps

I have enjoyed adding some apps to my phone. The boys love playing Clash of Clans (K) and Castle Clash (B) and Lego Junior's Quest (R). and I have my addiction to Tetris again; but to be honest, I don't play too many games on my computer, I tend to waste my time on FB the most.

The app that I love the most and have to say was one of the first things I updated when I got my phone back was the Bible app. It is YouVersion, the Bible App, and I love it. Not only do I have the Bible in several different versions (Hunny loves Da Book, a Hawaiian Pidgin version, for the fun of it. I like to stick with a basic New Living Translation. But there are 950 Versions in 648 Languages available. WOW!) but I have several different Reading Plans to choose from. Such as Devotionals or Topical studies or the Whole Bible (for those who's goal is to read the Bible in one year, one day I will do that.). I am so happy to get back into reading my devotions. I finally finished a 5 day plan that I started in April. (haha. I had trouble accessing it without my phone) and have just started two new 30-day ones. 
 I have to admit that I have totally noticed a difference in my peace and outlook and in my faith just in consistently reading the Bible and studying it and by doing a devotional. It just takes two minutes out of my day (and I read at night before bed. I don't do mornings, so I do it when I can focus on it better. I know most people suggest getting up early and starting your day off with Bible reading and/or exercise, but really it won't work for me. And I am okay with that.)  

I am so incredibly thankful for the ability to get back into these Plans. Hooray! It just feels better in my spirit, to be honest.

4. Being Creative

I actually went out and stamped with friends this week! How wonderful is that? I have been keeping myself busy by stamping at home, but it just feels so much better and relaxed and fun doing it among others. We didn't have a class, but we all brought our own projects to work on. Considering I arrived there with a ton of stuff but no plan or real thought, I was impressed with what I accomplished!

I CASED a card found on page 104 of the the brand-new Stampin' Up! catalogue. I made 11 cards with three different variations; the top one with the stars and no banner is being sent to my brother and his wife for their 11th Anniversary! The deets: Sweet Essentials stamp set, Retro Fresh dsp, Calypso Coral ink,  Pear Pizzazz seam binding ribbon, rhinestones, bakers twine, star punch, staple.

I need to do this more often!  I miss getting together with friends and stamping and being creative!

5. Siblings who help eachother

 Abi got herself a paper route this spring; just 74 houses in the immediate neighbourhood. It's been a relatively easy way for her to make $50+ each month. Sometimes she ropes her brothers into helping her out (she has to pay them) and I've helped drive her sometimes as well. (I think that makes the route going longer than it needs to be though.)

I love it when her brothers help her out. They don't have to, and I do sometimes have to remind them to stop complaining, and to actually be useful and to not drag their feet. (If they agreed to help, they need to stick with the committment. I love it more when they do it without needing to be reminded of that!), but it is so good to see them willingly helping her out and working as a team.

Kai insists on wearing the safety vest! (Abi doesn't like it, but someone has to wear it during the route.)


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