Saturday, July 26, 2014

soccer camp

This past week, Bryn was able to participate in a Soccer Camp at the church up the hill from us. I have wanted to sign the kids up for this camp for a few years now, but it has never worked out before. Until this year.  The timing was right, we had the money, I don't know, but we had one happy boy. Especially since this was just for him. Kai didn't go (he isn't interested) and neither did Rhys (I wasn't too sure about his abilities, to be honest. He'd like to kick the ball around, sure, but I think that it just wasn't something he should be doing this year.) and that made it special too.  So from 9 until noon, every day, I took B up to the church for his VBS program.  (I was very thankful that it didn't start earlier than that, too!)

Bryn had a great time. Not that he would tell you that or show any enthusiasm. But we can tell. He has a subtle way of being happy about things. (I find it hard sometimes since I get easily excited. He takes after his Father in that respect!)

On the second day, Bryn won a Corvette Stingray model car!  (They were giving out prizes in random draws at the end of each day.) That was pretty cool too!

On his last day of camp, he received a soccer ball and a water bottle. And the family enjoyed a BBQ lunch put on by the church. Very cool!  (as well as a Bible and a CD of the songs they sang, for those who didn't have their own Bibles at home. I guess Bryn felt he didn't own one of his own, so he asked for one. He has already read a few chapters of the story of King David, so that's cool too!)

I think that this is something that we would definitely do again for him next year!


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