Saturday, July 5, 2014

speaking Edenish

Eden has always been good at saying funny or clever things. There is something cute and fun about the way a toddler says things.

Earlier this week, Eden lay beside me in bed and she starts to pat my head. I look at her and ask, "What are you doing?"  Just as quickly, she explains, "I am getting kepchup out! I am putting kepchup on my p'ate for yunch!"

Hahaha.  We don't have one of those glass ketchup bottles, but one of those squeezy farty ones, so I'm not too sure where she got that from. Must have been from a commercial!

Whenever we go to "Timbit Hortons" (aka: Tim Hortons) she always asks for "Emelaide" or sometimes "Lemelaide"!  (which is the frozen lemonade; it's yummy!)

She stole the sandwich I had made myself the other day, but then she hands me a pinch of the crust. She says, "Mom, I sharing!" 

I thanked her for her kindness and generosity. Then she added, "Mom, I so so cute!"

haha. Yes. And so modest too!


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