Wednesday, July 2, 2014

House Guests

We had extra girls this week! When you already have five kids, what are an extra two more? We took in the daughters of a good friend while she went in the hospital for surgery.  The house was louder, but it was a good loud. A loudness due to giggling girls, and that is always good to hear!

We pulled out our queen-sized air mattress and laid it out in our living room for the girls to have their giant sleepover.

But not having Abi in her bed, made Eden feel lonely, so she asked for someone to sleep in her room too! So I let the boys sleep in Abi's bed for fun. (we even tried to let Eden sleep in the bed too, but there was too much wiggling and giggling, so she was taken out.) That left Kai with a room to himself!

It was a good two and a half days! It may take our house a while to recover though!


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