Friday, July 18, 2014

last bounce

We got a new-to-us trampoline in 2008, I think, from a co-worker of my husband. The kids were excited and I was happy for them. I remember wishing we had a trampoline when I was a kid! (this was before the very thought of jumping made my bladder all giddy!) The kids bounced and jumped and attempted flips; it was fun.

But then the neighbours bought a brand new one with netting, and then the other neighbours bought a brand new one as well a few weeks later, and our old one wasn't as fun or as bouncy!  The kids went on ours, but not as often. It was mostly used by the Youngers.

Eventually the poor trampoline lost it's bounce, and lost it's excitement, and it started to come apart. The covering for the elastic (ours doesn't have springs) came off last summer and we discussed taking it down then, but it stayed up for more fun. I wanted to keep it up for as long as we could.

Today was the day.

It had it's last bounce.

The kids were on it and counted thirteen, no, fourteen elastics snapped. The Olders were almost touching the ground when standing in the centre. The kids were at a risk of falling into a black hole of danger.

Down it went.  The kids had fun pulling the elastics and taking it down. Hunny came out and took the poles apart, sawing them into pieces. (We'll see about taking them at a recycling depot. Maybe we'll get some money for the metal.)

Our poor trampoline.  I'm sad to see it go. It was fun having one!  (I couldn't jump on it, only bounce without letting my feet leave the mat; silly nervous bladder!)

Now our yard looks huge!!! I'm starting to get excited about what we can do with our yard now that it is opened up again. We spent the evening mowing the lawn (I actually enjoy using the push mower and weed wacking!) and pulling out the blackberry bushes that were in the back corner of the yard, and trimming back some crazy growing trees. (we found a missing shovel under the trampoline, as well as two sprinklers buried in the yard, plus three more sprinklers in the back of the shed! I had no idea we had that many!) It looks so much better already!  I have my hopes set on a pool for next summer. I wonder if I can convince my Hunny?


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