Thursday, July 17, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Welcome to Thankful Thursday,  my weekly post of things that I am thankful for. This was created by Louise, at Talk Nerdy To Me. Check out her list too, and then start your own!

1. Banners to share

I am thankful that Louise let me use her banner for my thankful post and blog! Thanks, Louise! :) I was just thinking last week, 'there needs to be a nice banner to promote this better', and hey, that's what she posted on her own! *smile*

2. Free Slurpees

I don't usually buy slurpees for the kids. They're okay, but I guess I just never drank them enough as a teen on my own, so it didn't continue on down to my children. The Olders are starting to get them though, since I will let them walk to the gas station every now and then. (I have to let them go out on their own eventually, so I am giving them some freedom. I had so much more when I was Abi's age, but we live differently now. I don't know if there really is more violence or danger out there for kids, or if it is all in our own fears and worries and too much media attention to stories that are actually quite rare, but I feel better when I know where they are, and what they are doing and can monitor them!) Moving on...

7-11 had their annual Free Slurpie Day to celebrate their anniversary on 7-11, naturally. Since I had the van that day (Hunny has been taking it to work typically. I think it's to keep us housebound so we can't spend any money, haha. It cuts on the cost of gas not having two vehicles though.) I took the kids out for their own small slurpees!

3. My brave daughter

Since I am not above telling embarrassing stories of myself, here's goes:  

The other night, Kai found a spider hanging from a web in our stairwell. We were both quite freaked out, but I was going to be brave. I got out our electric fly swatter and was going to use that to remove the spider. It was quite huge, I couldn't believe it! Abi scoffs at us and tells us that the spider is already dead. Yes, I know that it is hanging upside down, and that isn't typical for a spider, but hey, they are sneaky things, so I wasn't going to fall for it! I had visions of it jumping and scurrying and me losing it somewhere, all of its legs moving and creeping me out! The very thought had me too nervous to use the swatter on it, so Abi had to do it. Still, she rolled her eyes and reminded us it was already dead. She even blew on it and it didn't react!  

When she picked it up on the swatter, it bounced a bit, which made me do a jumpy dance and run to the centre of the room!  Sometimes head knowledge isn't always heart knowledge! I was still scared despite thinking that it probably was mostly likely dead!

So, I am thankful for my brave daughter for saving me from a dead spider! :)

4.  Some Shade

It's been seriously hot this week. Our deck has full sun all day, so by noon, it is too hot to walk on without shoes or to sit on. I have wanted to add some type of sun shade out there, so imagine my happiness when we found a gazebo in a box in the shed! I think we got it from my parents, but I can't remember when. How sad is that? 

Today, the Olders and I put it together. Mostly.  We didn't add the netting and it isn't held down to the deck, so it can be ruined in a heavy wind, but hey, it's shade for now! Yay!

**I just found out that it is supposed to rain this weekend, so I hope we didn't put all that effort out for nothing. :(

5. Fevers that go away

 Rhys fell asleep on the couch for a nap in the afternoon, which wasn't too worrisome; he still sometimes naps.  It was when he woke up that concerned me. He was falling back asleep at the table, and I noticed he was just burning up! We couldn't tell for sure if it was a high fever or from how hot it was that afternoon, but we were wiping him with a cool cloth and took off his shirt. I put him back on the couch and he was so sleepy. Hunny started to actually drip water onto his head from his hand, and soaked his hair! It made me nervous that Rhys wasn't even responding to that! If he had heat exhaustion, that could be a dangerous thing if it turned into heat stroke, so we knew we had to get him cooled off and drinking.  Bryn and Eden were already jumping in our "large water vessel" (aka: bathtub) so I carried him there and dipped his feet into the water. Still he didn't respond much, other than to weakly complain it was cold, and then fall asleep in my arms! We were close to packing him up and heading to LMH.

Thankfully, he started to cool down and I carried him downstairs to the basement, where it is cooler. Hunny went to the gas station to pick up some Gatorade and freezies (for sugar and salt) and when Rhys finally drank and ate some, we let him sleep again.  He slept for almost another 45 minutes, and when he woke up he was back to himself: enthusiastic and wanting to play. Abi took him out to run around in our sprinkler for a bit.  I got some chewable Tylenol into him and he drank the rest of his Gatorade and then went to bed for the night an hour later.  He was a bit warm again in the morning, but he hasn't been like that since, so we still don't know if it's an infection hiding somewhere in his little body or from overheating. But I am so thankful that it passed. It was a bit scarey for a bit there. Rhys just seems to get sick so much easier than the others. :(

6. Sleepovers

Today we are going over to visit my Mom, who lives in Chilliwack, and spending the night! (just the kids and I) My Dad has been gone to Powell River for a few weeks now, helping my brother with a few painting jobs (both my dad and brother are professional house painters. If you are in either city, and looking for an update in your house and want it done beautifully, let me know and I will pass along their info!) so we are keeping my mom company. Then we are taking her back home with us so she can stay the night or two here. We have a birthday party to go to on the weekend and she doesn't want to miss out! (seeing as Dad took their one vehicle for his trip, she is stuck at home too!)  

The kids are super excited and have been talking about packing their bags since yesterday!

I hope that your week has been good too. Go check out Louise's list now and then make your own! There is so much to be thankful for!


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