Tuesday, July 15, 2014

just like it's the night before Christmas!

I was going through old blog posts and came across this one when Rhys came into the room. Goodness, look at how little those boys are! Look at B's long hair! And a bald Rhysey! Eden looks like B! (he was 3 1/2 here.) What fun!

Rhys bewildered about him being a bald toddler at one time, but what really got his attention was the play doh!  He was so excited about that! He was jumping up and down (which is more like a small bounce since he doesn't like to jump too high) and told me that we had to make some again, right now, let's go!

Of course, being the Mommy, I had to be mean and send him back to his room! It was already an hour well past his bedtime and he had already come out of bed several times; I was starting to lose my patience. I did, however, promise him that we'd make some more play doh in the morning. Thankfully, that satisfied him and he willingly went to bed. *Phew*

Silly me. I forget how his little mind can't concept day, night, morning, afternoon, tomorrow, yesterday.

He came out of bed every two minutes asking excitedly, "Is it morning yet?" and "Can we make it now?" His little body was just trembling, he was so excited over the idea! His enthusiasm is infectious! It's hard to get angry at him (even though I was starting to feel tired at having to explain nighttime and morning and sleeping to him every few minutes) I kept tucking him back into bed, with a kiss and a promise to make it with him soon!

This kid was so excited just over home made play doh! How awesome is that? I haven't seen him that giddy in a while. It was like the night before Christmas! You know, where the kids are bouncing all over the place and you just want them settled into bed so you can finish wrapping all of the gifts? Yeah, like that.

Yay for homemade playdoh!


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