Monday, April 6, 2015

cuzzie egg hunt

We had our Annual Cuzzie Egg Hunt at my mother-in-law's house over the weekend. I like calling our events with all of the cousins "Cuzzie events" (cuzzie is the name my SIL came up with!) but then I feel maybe a bit silly. After all, there are five in our family and only 1 in the other, so when we say "cuzzies", we really only mean plural in terms of us! I guess that's what happens when you only have one sibling. It will be interesting to see how many grandchildren I end up with! (hopefully lots!)


My mother-in-law likes to hide the eggs outside (which is what my Hunny grew up with. I grew up with them hidden inside. Maybe since it's usually snowy over Easter in Ontario, so you tend to do it indoors!) so the kids had fun searching her yard. The Older two had to search a bit harder, and higher, but we had a good laugh how in the end-- they were the ones having trouble finding theirs! The Middles (B and cousin Mia) found all theirs first. (the eggs were colour-coded to make it fair, with 14 altogether to search for)

 It was a lot of fun!

Yay for Easter Egg Hunts and beautiful weather (and rain that held off) and for family time!


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