Sunday, April 19, 2015

Medieval Street

We were told of a few Big Events to look forward to at the beginning of the year. Our child(ren) would be involved in some field trips, a sailing trip, Medieval Street and their own graduation at the end of the year.  So many fun things!

Medieval Street happened last week and it was just as much fun as the teachers made it sound!

Of course, it started out with more stress than fun, but that's how things tend to go, don't they?

In Humanities class, the grade eight classes were studying life back in the fifteen century, and had to pair up and chose something they wanted to study further. Abi and her friend Hannah chose to take up Woodworking, or wood carving specifically.  They were to find information on it and answer certain questions and gather all they would need to be able to present it at the event.  Abi's father and I had been on her case for three weeks making sure she was actually doing work on it, and asking her about her project, but it was difficult for us to tell what she was doing or where she was with it. That was hard for us!  We didn't want to take over, and we definitely did not want to do the work for her, but we also knew how much work should be put out to get a good project done and a good mark! 

It didn't help that the week that Medieval Street was held on was also during a busy week at our house. Abi had to babysit three nights in a row (we ended up having to cancel one just so she could work on her homework) and we had family plans, and it didn't seem to work out for her to get together with Hannah; it just felt stressful.

But isn't it funny how things tend to work out in the end anyways?  I mean, even if they didn't have the proper clothes to wear, or even if they didn't have much to display, or even if things looks meager, it was going to happen anyways.  It would be as it was, and we would have to make do and make it the best regardless. I went to bed thinking that it would really end up just fine.

And it did.

All the worry about what costumes they'd wear (and finding clothes for friends to borrow), and having tools to display, or even the worry of knowing enough on the subject, wasn't necessary.  The girls did a great job!

 {they found an apprentice!}

It was so fun to walk throughout the grade eight wing of the school and see all of the work the other students made in their projects.  There were several breadmakers (with free samples, too. The shortbread with honey was so yummy!) and a meat cutter. 

 Even a King and Queen! 

 And the Stocks, as well as a list of laws.

A friend of theirs made up his own chess set, which I thought was creative.  I did not realize that chess was that old of a game!

There was some jousting, and even the black plague to NOT catch!

It was an impressive afternoon. 

Afterwards, everything was cleaned up and the kids played some games (the teacher came up with some sort of medieval kick ball game that was confusing) and then the parents gathered for a big pig roast!  It was a lot of fun!

I look forward to doing this again with Kai in two years!


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