Saturday, April 18, 2015

*may contain allergens

We found out a month after Abi's extreme asthma attack, you know, the one where she almost died, that she had a whole list of things she was allergic to. It was quite an overwhelming appointment at the allergist for both Abi and Kai three years ago! They share a few allergies to trees and grass (I feel bad for them as their grass allergy gets bad in Spring-early Summer. They break out whenever the grass is being cut at school and even sitting in it with friends causes a rash), as well as dogs and cats.  But Abi still came out with the longer list. Some of those trees that Abi is allergic to also gives her a possible allergy to many foods, due to a similarity in origin. 

Apparently, Alder and Birch could make her allergic to:  *cherries *peaches *nectarines *carrots *bananas *chilli pepper *celery *hazelnuts *almonds *peanuts *kiwi *tomato *pineapple  *papaya.

We have found through trial and error that some of those really do bother her, the biggest being tomato and peaches, which sucks. We have had to change our family eating habits (we used to eat a lot of pasta with tomato sauce) and she had to give up a lot of things she likes. Peaches and corn are ones she misses the most.

Despite her allergy to peaches, she still loves them!  She can't touch them though, or she will get a rash. Watching her eat without touching food is fun; she has quite the talent! She really can only eat about two or three pieces before it begins to bother her anyways. But she likes to walk on a dangerous line sometimes, so I packed her a very small container in her school lunch.

And me, being the geek that I am,  had to put a whole bunch of warning labels on the container for fun!  I pictured her shaking her head and saying to her friends with a sigh, "oh, my mom, she thinks she's funny!" (eventually she will say that, I'm sure!) But it made me laugh.

Across the top, I wrote: "Do not touch contents inside/ container is safe."  Just to let her know that she could touch the outside without reacting.

Across the front, I added  *may contain allergens

I'm so funny.

Sometimes you have to live dangerously.  

(that is, if you aren't deathly allergic. I don't recommend purposely putting yourself in a dangerous position where your health or life is at risk. I am thankful Abi only gets itchy.)


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