Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Student Leds

Our school does Student-Led Conferences every spring where the kids come with their parents in the evening to show off their portfolios and recent work and just things around the classroom.  It's a fun time for the parents to share in their lives. (they do happen to spend more time at school than at home, you know. It's crazy to think of. But then I guess, working parents do the same.)  Most of them like doing this, at least, my kids have all been excited about it!

I don't remember if we did this when I was in school. I really can't remember at all. I'm sure that we did events like this, and I'm sure my parents went to the ones they could go to, but I just don't recall. 

This week was the Student-Leds at the Elementary School and Bryn and Rhys got to show things off to me. I love seeing their classroom and work through their eyes.

 Rhys had fun showing me his Farm booklet. But then he got distracted and had to finish a page with cutting and glueing, so I looked through his portfolio while he did that!  He really does enjoy school, and he is gaining in his knowledge, which is so exciting to see.

Bryn was so excited about tonight! He really does love school.  He is excellent at math and reading and is very serious when it comes to his work. He even actually sits still and listens well.  Which is so funny because as soon as school is done, he is bouncing all over the place and hyperactive!  We are often telling him to settle down at home!  I'm glad that he is well-behaved at school though. But wow, what a change in a boy once that bell rings!

 {{B as described by his classmates.}}

We are so blessed to be able to attend the school that we do, and it is a privelege that I take to heart. It costs us a lot to be able to do this, and each year we approach it with some measure of worry that it won't be available to us, but somehow it all works out. We have a wonderful group of teachers who really do care and support our children. And the kids have such great friends. I love our school and I am so pleased with how they are growing and learning.


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