Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Middle Child Day

I am a middle child.  This made me laugh.

I have heard that the middle child often feels left out; they aren't the oldest and the privileges that come with that, nor are they the youngest and the baby of the family.  They don't quite know where they fit in.

In my extensive experience being the middle child, I have had to say I only have one distinct time in my life where I felt that way. I was nine and we were living in Toronto and I remember feeling that I was acting *so much* older than my older brother, who was chasing our younger sister around the house.  I thought that wasn't very mature since we were home alone after school (my parents worked until dinnertime, like most parents, and so we were alone for a few hours. Something that kids can't seem to be allowed to do now.) I felt that I was definitely the Oldest that day and knew how to behave better! Haha.

Other than that, I'm not too sure if I felt like I was left out. My parents were pretty good at not babying my sister, although I did feel that my brother got the best of things since he was the oldest. You know how it is, the parents give something great to the oldest intending to reciprocate with the next children when they get that age (like a car when they turn 16) but then they find they actually can't afford to do that later on in life for the next child. Yeah. Stuff like that always happened. 

Life, you know.

I still think my childhood/teen years were pretty good!

Somehow I managed!

I read that Middle Children tend to be the most capable and self sufficient of them all in the end anyways. So there's that!


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