Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Sixteen Years

My Mountain Man and I celebrated our Sixteenth Anniversary this weekend.

Sixteen years!

It doesn't feel that long and I certainly don't feel as old as it sounds!

Of course, being as the Old Marrieds that we are, we didn't do much to celebrate the day. We're at the stage where kids are more expensive than personal celebrations. But we're hoping to maybe one day soon get away for a night.

Or a weekend.

Or a week. That's what my doctor told me that I needed to do when I saw her last week. She honestly suggested that I go away for a week and asked if I had someone who could take the kids.  I looked at her blankly.  Great idea. But not feasable! One day.

Look at how young we were!!!  There really is a big height difference between us, but I was wearing ballet flats and he was wearing dress shoes with a bit of a heel! My friend said that we look "very Jane Austen", which made me laugh.  I honestly had never read her books (or seen the movie adaptations) until a few years ago. (I know!!!  Pride and Prejudice is now one of my favourite books and movies!)  But, I guess I've always had a Victorian-era heart; I am a *bit* "old fashioned". 

If I could go back and re-do our wedding, I'd do it the same, but more iron-ed out. I'd also have a bigger budget! We put together a wedding without a lot of money but with a lot of help and support of family. I thought it turned out perfect though. The day after our wedding, I told my new husband that I wanted to get married again!  He laughed at me, but I was serious! It was a great and fun day!

I love this photo.  I made this photo holder out of pallet wood just so I could display this picture.  I am pleased with how it turned out.


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