Friday, October 24, 2014

Fall Into Craft

This past weekend, Great Canadian Craft put on an event called Fall into Craft in Cloverdale, and tickets were free online up until a few hours before they opened the doors on the second day. So I snagged some tickets for myself and for Abi; and then a few days later, my sister got some for her and I to go! I was excited to check out the booths for ideas and I knew in advance that it would be a group of Artisans, so I was excited to check out what beautiful creations would be there. I also knew that meant that the prices would be higher, since the level of expertise of the exhibitors (these aren't someone just putting together fun stuff to make for the holidays but are independent businesses.) I would be going in without any money!

I was so impressed by the artists. There was a lot of jewelry and knit-wear (which is common in craft fairs), and a few home businesses (like Epicure Spices and HerStory Lockets), and even an Author promoting her book about her three-year backpacking trip around the world with her family (one book published already and another coming out.)  It wasn't terribly busy, so it wasn't crowded, which is good. (hopefully it was busy enough for the artisans)

I was the most impressed with West Coast Leslie Designs (I want.need a pair of her boot cuffs!) and Forest Garden Soap and Sundry (I couldn't decide which essential oil or product I wanted or needed the most...uhm...all of them?) and Paverpol (I want to take one of her classes!) and Laughing Sparrow, a silversmith (I want one of her square rings!!!) and Gurneev, a mehndi artist, and I loved the chocolate samples by Coco Nama (I need to pick up some of their Earl Grey chocolate, yum! So soft and melt-in-your-mouth) and I loved the wood signs and wreaths by Rainy Day Creations (I love their rustic booth! they interested me on a more personal and business side)  I loved chatting with many of these artisans. I wish I took more photos, but I got too busy checking out the booths!

I ended up not buying anything (although I really wanted to...a lot of these artisans came prepared with being able to accept credit cards and some debit cards!) but Abi did get some henna done by Gurneev.  She was quick and it turned out so beautiful.

I love it!!! I have always wanted to get a Henna Tattoo.

I had to take a picture of Gurneev's hand as well. I love the glitter she adds! (that does come off when it dries, but it looks nice and sparkly until then! Then it is a beautiful dye that lasts for a good two weeks after)

It was a good morning with my sister and Abi. I enjoyed it so much that I had to return the next day with another friend! (I snagged more free tickets online! It cost $5 at the door to get in)

 (Rainy Day Creations...look at those beautiful hand painted signs! And those wreaths! Lisa and Mindy were very friendly to talk with and meet)

I love creative people!


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