Thursday, October 23, 2014

leaf jumping

Today was a blustery day, with a chilly wind. Not like the wind on the weekend, which was warmer with our high temperatures. Today was more like an Autumn chill to remind us that Winter will be coming soon.

The nice thing about Autumn and wind is that everything is covered with a layer of orange, yellow, brown, red and green. I love fallen leaves! I love it when they get crunchy, I love the colours, I love the cozy feeling they give (to me). I just love September and October!  

I got out of the van at the pumpkin patch last week and inhaled and said with a sigh, "I love that smell!"  My Hunny looked at me funny and asked, "Decaying leaves?"  He does not get it. But, yes, decaying leaves. It's a comforting smell to me apparently!

And what does every child love about Fall? Leaf jumping!!!


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