Wednesday, October 8, 2014

six down...two to go...

My Hunny left for his annual hunting trip with his friends last week. They are up in the mountainous areas of Kamloops (or was it Kelowna?) doing manly things, getting dirty and smelly and sleeping in tents, where there is only partial connection for cellphone service depending on where they are.   He has been doing this with his friends for a few years now, so I am feeling used to it. It is our hope to get a freezer full of meat to last us most of the year. We really need to cut down on our spending, and not spending money on the high cost of meat in the grocery stores would be a big step!

It has been six days since he left and I am counting down the days til he returns!

It hasn't been a horrible week, it's just starting to feel very long, that's all.  I am tired and I need a rest and I have so much to do and I can't do it all and so many things are falling to the wayside.  My heart and my mind are on my single mom friends. How do they do this every day?  I know in my head that if I had to do it, I could, but wow. Knowing that I don't, and that I do have a spouse who will come home and share some of the load makes it so much easier for me!  This is a reminder to me to bless my single mom friends, and to do more for them. Even those who I feel must have support through family; doesn't everyone want a friend to help them out sometimes?

I know I did this week! Not only did I catch a cold, but everything I had planned didn't work out. (mostly due to said cold. Boo!) Abi missed her Youth Retreat this year since she was sick. I didn't get to take the kids to a Fall Festival on the weekend.  I didn't stay up late watching MY shows (I don't watch a lot of tv, but when I do it is mostly my husband's shows. There are a few that we share, but if he is already downstairs watching tv or movies, if I want to join him, it's his stuff I am subjected to. I don't often find myself getting first pick. I had every intention to re-watch all of the Sherlock episodes this week!)

I would say that the kids are enjoying it though. We just do things differently when Daddy is away! For one, I am less strict about things. We are relaxed about dinners (since we mostly agree on what we all like) and I let them stay up late (too late actually....I admit to being a bit upset with how these kids can manipulate me! I need to work on that some more...) and not much gets done. Oh boy, things will change when their Father comes back home!

I was thinking about how things are different and what I do when he is gone, and I noticed that it happens almost immediately!  The first thing I do when it becomes evening is that the porch light goes on and stays on (my Hunny likes to turn it off when he goes to bed. He feels that the light goes out and the house goes to sleep. I feel that it is un-friendly to leave the house in the dark for the neighbourhood.), and I close the bedroom window (he is always hot at night...he blames it on our windows are always open. I am always cold, so I like the windows closed.) I also pull my pillows over and I sleep in the middle of the bed! (I find that I start to drift over to his side the longer he is gone though, and so by now I enter and exit the bed on his side!)

It will be nice to have my Wilderness Man back home. I have managed good this week, and I am pleased with how things have gone, but it will be nice having support again.


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