Monday, October 13, 2014

Pumpkin Patch Birthday

My niece turned seven this week. (she and Rhys are the same age for four months. I have a picture of them beside eachother when R turned six, and it's funny. She is so much taller than he is! She is going to be tall since her parents are, and well, I am not even though my Hunny is, but I needed to remind myself that she is at the tail-end of being six and he's just beginning! When he's with the kids in his class, he looks tall enough! haha) So that meant a birthday party this past weekend!

For her party this year, we all tromped around the pumpkin patch! It was such a fun idea!  We went to Port Kells Nursery, where we went as a family last year to pick pumpkins (and saw a birthday party starting up), which is nearby. It's a great small nursery with a ton of flowers and plants (it's where we picked up the navy jack to do some backyard patio wall building, an on-going project, this summer), and chickens to feed, and goats, and a small play area. During October, they have a pumpkin patch and a spooky house to wander through and a hay maze for the kids.  So there is a lot to do. And it's all for free! (If you want to have a party there, they only charge you $8 per kid, which is a great deal. That includes a hay ride, a medium-sized pumpkin, a hot dog and a drink.)

The day started out just pouring!!! We were worried about having to do this in the rain, but then it cleared up! We gathered up boots and jackets and umbrellas just in case, though, but by the time the party started the sun was out and shining! In fact, we ended up going around in sweaters; it was perfect! The kids had a lot of fun! 

Who doesn't like mazes to run around in?
 ...All of the kids spent most of their time running around in it! Eden got a bit nervous at first because at the end section, they have covered it so it is mostly dark. I walked through it with her though and pointed out the parts where light shone through, and let her know that there wasn't anything to be afraid of. She was fine after that. I don't think she went through it again on her own though, but instead went through the short cut, but at least I got to prove to her that it was safe!

Or cars to climb onto?
...They added this beauty into the hay maze, so the kids could climb through it, or go through a tunnel, to get to the next section. Very creative!

Or chickens to feed?

Or hayrides and pumpkins to pick?

  (it's an UFO pumpkin!)

Or tractors to climb?

 It turned out to be a great birthday party!


 The pumpkins are sitting on my "ornamental dresser" (not to be confused with a mantle.) until we can carve them! I love Rhys' "ghost" white pumpkin! (and Eden's painted one from last week!)


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