Saturday, October 4, 2014

Kooking in the Kitchen with Kai

Kai has been taking a cooking class in Explorations this semester. That's where they randomly split up the kids into different fun classes for a six week course; they are usually fun classes, like cooking and cake decorating, or new this year is garage band! Each student will get a chance to do each class. They sound like fun!  Kai started out with cooking and he is loving it! It has encouraged him to play around in our kitchen more, too.

Tonight, he had to make me these pumpkin butterscotch muffins.

It was fun to watch him. He was quite precise with the measurements and insisted that he had to mix the dry ingredients and wet ones in separate bowls first and he had to clean off his measuring spoon after each new ingredient so to not mix them. I had to smile. It's funny how you start off being so strict, but as you cook more you feel the ability to sight-guess or to mix things together out of order! I let him do it as he was taught, since he insisted it was the only way!

I was impressed: they were yummy!  Hopefully this will get him cooking more this year. It would be nice to see him putting more interest in things like this. (although, I admit, he does appear to be more like me in this way!) He is still quite comfortable asking someone else to do it for him, but he is gaining a bit of pride when it comes to knowing how to make things and hopefully that's a start.

**the teacher apparently gets the recipes off of allrecipes, and you can find this one here.

**and, yes, it is totally bothering me spelling Cooking with a K, but I wanted to use all K's! How Kute! *shudder* I may have to change it after all...


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