Sunday, October 12, 2014

Welcome Home Chalkboard

I admit it: I am a huge Pinterest junkie! I can spend hours on there repinning pics and links for tutorials that I may or may not ever reproduce in my lifetime. It is wonderful! It's a time waster, but oh so fun! I have boards on how to decorate my home with items I don't own, how to cook dinners with foods we don't eat, how to raise my kids with tips I'll never remember.... I feel very productive when I pin things to read later!

Anyone else with this fixation?

No one?

Okay then...

It has been my intent this year to find items on my boards that I can and will actually recreate. So far it's been mostly the crafty things, but well, that's what interests me the most. (I like the idea of cooking these wonderfully different and healthy dinners, but I can't be too sure it will actually happen or I've stopped pinning to that board!)

I was so excited when I finally took that jump and made a chalkboard picture! It was a lot of fun. I got my crafty on with Abi and there was a lot of oohs and ahhs and uh-ohs! (making your own chalkboard paint is messy business!)  We managed to put this together just in time for my Mountain Man to come home, so this sign is what greeted him on Thursday night:

I don't have a mantle ...I know, what? It was on my wish-list for when we bought a house over 10 years ago, but all I got was a chimney just to let me know that there used to be a fireplace in this house! (I did get my French Doors though!) No fireplace, no cozy nights curling up and reading a book by a fire, no s'mores, no stockings to hang by the fireplace with care, no mantle to decorate.  I have seen so many beautiful mantles out there! People go out of their way to decorate these things every season! How fun! That would be so awesome!  But yeah, no mantle.

I do, however, have a cute dresser sitting at the top of our stairs right now (the one I got for free that I still need to fix up), so that served as my decorating area.  I thought it looked cute with the pumpkins we just got and the jar I am making. (Isn't Eden's painted pumpkin lovely?) It's not nearly as fancy as the ones I see on Pinterest, but it's a start! I have to work my way up, I think, and maybe one day get an actual place dedicated to seasonal decorating!


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