Wednesday, October 29, 2014

food bank needs

I came across this on FB and I knew that I wanted to pass it along blogland too.  It was a list of the Ten Things Food Banks Need But Don't Ask For, as compiled by users.

1. Spices
People who rely on the food bank eat a lot of KD, rice, canned food. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to kick those up a notch with spices?

2. Feminine Products
As a woman, I must say that these are needed items. As being in a family on a tight budget, these items sometimes can get missed in your shopping cart. If you can, add an extra box of pads or tampons or liners to your cart and to the donation bin.

3. Chocolate
Everyone eats it, right? We all want it and we all seem to be able to add one (or two or more...) to our own shopping. Why not add a bag of chocolate chips or a brownie mix or even just a small bar?

4. Toiletries
I couldn't imagine having to go without tooth paste, deodorant, shampoo or soap. I ran out of toilet paper once and it wasn't pretty in my house (I think boys eat the stuff when they are in the bathroom so long!) but I could at least run down and grab some more from the store. 

5. canned meat and jerky
We all need protein; Tuna, Salmon, heck, even spam! It's hard to get meat in some places.

6. Crackers and Tortillas
Everyone likes them and they don't go bad.

7. Baby Toiletries.
These are seriously expensive! But a new mom shouldn't have to debate on whether to feed her family or her newborn. So pick up those diapers, formula, wipes, rash cream, bottles, shampoo and soap!

8. Soup Packets
I love those Lipton soup packs and am always making homemade soup here, and I remember my Great Grandma's homemade soup after church. You can make a whole meal with just a package of soup!

9. Socks
The feeling of warm, clean socks can do amazing things to people. It is a warm hug and hope wrapped up in cozy fibres!  I read on the Reddit thread from a former homeless person that he couldn't often go into stores shoe-less, but if he went in with just socks, no one noticed he wasn't wearing shoes.  (hey, maybe shoes are an option to donate as well, in that case)

10. Canned fruit other than pineapple
I guess pineapple is a standard donation! Apparently people who use the food bank are a lot like others who appreciate variety in their diet; like peaches, mandarines, apricots, etc.

I admit that I hadn't thought much of what to donate or what would really and truly bless others in need. I will pick up those pre-packaged food bags that Safeway or Save On will have available and donate those, or I'll even add $2 to my order that gets donated to the Food Bank when asked, and I'll throw in a few cans to my kids' backpacks when they do drives at school...but sat and thought about it? Can't say I gave it much thought, sadly.  How about you?  Adding just a few small items to your cart each trip will make a big difference to those who are in need.  

Let's start up a challenge! See how many items you can donate to the Food Bank this season from this list. It doesn't have to be all at once (but that would be wonderful too!) But maybe each week, add one thing ....spices the first week, socks the next, deoderant the next week and so forth....  Can you image how much change you can make to your community if a group of us did this? With Christmas season fast approaching, think of how you can bless another family.


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