Monday, August 11, 2014

41 years already?

Today is my parents' 41st Anniversary! 

They met on a summer day when my Dad was driving his friend over to my Mom's house for a date with her sister. Not that he was a chaperone or anything, he was the driver because the friend didn't have a car. (I'm not too sure how my Aunt got mixed up with this guy though) My Dad met my Mom and well...the rest is obvious!  He liked her wavy hair (so my Aunt, who was interested in my Dad got my Mom to curl her poker straight hair for attention. haha. My Mom didn't take my Dad too seriously at first!) She liked how he was from the "wrong side of the tracks".  Haha. Actually I don't know that. But I do know that my Opa didn't like that about my Dad at first!

Forty-one years is a long time. They have gone through Nursing School, job changes, two cross-country moves, four children, the death of one child, health changes, the marriages of their own kids, 10 grand children, a heart attack, leaving all of their family behind in a much to mention.

In a lot of ways, I have felt that my parents are complete opposites. She is gentle and patient and takes her time. He is fast and jumps to conclusions and opinionated. I have sometimes wondered what it was that kept them together. I know that with my Hunny and myself, it is the sharing of dreams that help. And a strong choice to stay committed and to continue growing together in our faith and our relationship. I guess my parents must share those too. Whatever it is that holds them together, I am so thankful for what they have taught me about marriage. I have learned that differences can harmonize quite beautifully. And that staying happy is a choice and hard work, but they both have shown how strong they are and that working hard at something important is worth it.

Happy Anniversary, Mom & Dad!  May you be blessed with many more celebrations.


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