Friday, August 8, 2014


Today he is eight. His "champagne birthday" at that too! Turning eight on the eighth day of the eighth month.  I'll have to have a drink in his honor tonight, since he's too young!

It's funny, it feels like he's been eight for longer than.....uhm....ten hours!  I guess it's because for months I've thought of him as being "almost eight".

Bryn is our fun-loving, silly, active, bouncy, easy going boy.

 He loves to run. A lot. And jump. And fall off things. And bounce. And just about do anything to keep himself active. Sitting still is hard for him; I keep thinking that we'll get talked to about his squirminess in class, but it never comes up at parent-teacher interviews!

I love how this little 33-weeker turned out to be this strong and active eight year old!

I am so thankful for his easy going nature, his casual demeanor, and his ability to share and give up things for others just because it isn't that important to him to hold on to.  

 I love how he is always smiling and telling silly jokes and just has fun in everything.

Happy birthday, Bryn! Thanks for being such an important part in our family. We love you, buddy!


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