Saturday, August 30, 2014

Brain Fog

Brain fog. It's a real term. Look it up. Actually, I don't know if it is.... *going to check* Oh, hey it is!  It's not medical-based (although it may be called something else medical-y), but it is a real term, used by many people.

It's used a lot to describe symptoms of forgetfulness, confusion, lack of clarity, and inability to focus, and can be brought on by numerous things: poor diet, toxins (like copper or mercury poisoning), autoimmune diseases (which I have), medications, ....the list is more extensive than I thought actually.

I don't know if that is the reason I have been so dumb this week, but I'm going with it. That, and maybe a lack of adequate sleep (also autoimmune related)  And I am sure that I have given half of my brain cells to my children; unfortunately it appears to have been the best ones!

Earlier this week, I received a new debit card in the mail to replace my aging one. That was nice; I wasn't expecting a new one, but great. My well-used card has a big crease in it from accidentally sitting on it. (it was in my back pocket and I sat on it while driving. How I did that without even feeling it confuses me too.) I was looking forward to replacing it.  So I take it to my nearest ATM and follow the instructions on activating my card. You insert your new card, use your existing PIN and then conduct whatever business you wanted. (I needed to deposit a cheque) Except that no matter what I did, what action I attempted, which machine I put it into, it always said my PIN was incorrect. ARGH!  How is that possible? I use this card all.of.the.time. Seriously. I use it way more than I should and sometimes forget what real paper money feels like. (it feels weird with the new plastic bills, but way less dirty than the old ones, but more flimsy and I worry they will blow away or slip from my hands. That's how they feel actually, I remember now.) So I return home in frustration that the instructions don't work and that I couldn't deposit my money.

A few hours have passed and I relay the story to my Hunny, and as I am telling him, it occurs to me: I am an idiot!  I could've deposited the money!  I could've used my old (and still current) debit card! Duh! It was in my purse still! I can't believe that I didn't even think of that! I am laughing at how slow I was! (Abi is laughing because she recognized this at the ATM, but didn't tell nice!)  *sigh*

The next day, I pop in to the bank and manage to get my bank card working. I don't know why I couldn't set it up, I followed the instructions, but the teller gave me tips and it all worked out. Hooray. I successfully deposited my cheques and all was well.

Or so I thought.

The next night, I mentioned to my Hunny how I put the money into our account, but he says I didn't. There has been no deposits made yesterday, and it wasn't there today. Where did I put it? I feel frustrated because I *know* that I put it in the account. I am not so confused as to make up memories, sheesh! So it must be at the bank end; for some reason they don't have it coming up in their system. There isn't much we can do about it now as they are closed, but I will call them in the morning. But just to double check, I go online using my new card and look into it, and yes, there it is, the money I deposited, I can see it!  

My Hunny points out that it is in my own private account, not the joint account! oops!

How did I not notice this?  I just assumed it was a replacement card for my well-used debit card, not my unused account card. Silly me! No wonder it didn't recognize the PIN when I tried it---that account has a different one!  But oh great!  Since I got the new card to work, I diligently cut up my old one and tossed it away!!! Now I am without any money! (that made my husband happy, which is slightly annoying since I am not a shopper...except if it is for all of those add ons at the till, those get me good! That and the dollar store, man I spend too much money there!)  *with me no longer doing SU, I don't have any money coming in, so I am on a tight budget again. phooey.

Oh my goodness, how did I get so dumb?

Blame it on brain fog. Blame it on lack of sleep. Blame it on my thyroid. Just don't blame it on me.


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