Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thankful Thursday

 Just a few things I am thankful for this week.  Check out my list, then check out Lousie's at Talk Nerdy to Me, and then make your own! There are so many things to be thankful for!

1. Sunday naps

I don't know what it is about Sundays but they make me want to nap. I wish the rest of my family felt that way. (I think most days make me want to nap though, so I guess this isn't unusual, come to think of it)  I had to smile when all of the kids fell asleep in the car on the ride out to my parents' house in Chilliwack! (well, not Abi, but she is less of a "kid" now that she is almost a teen!)

2. New boots

Abi takes after me and had to buy some new boots for school. I love them! They are what I would've picked out too! In fact, I am secretly excited because I can wear them too since she is now in my size for shoes! (We can go on shoe shopping trips and double our shoe wardrobe, woohoo!) She bought these with her own money made from her newspaper route too, so even better!

3. family babysitters

The best thing about family is that you can usually find a free babysitter for an afternoon when you need it!  While we were out at BCCH for our Genetics appointment, we were able to have my favouritest sister come in the morning and then my Hunny's sister come in the afternoon to watch the four kids. So for a moment there, we had seven kids running around our front yard while we were gone!

Eden was doing some sort of yoga on Abi's bottom, and blowing raspberries, so you know how that sounded...

they played the game of LIFE with Lego minifigs and made up names for their spouses! It was great fun! (I love these pics from my SIL. Her camera makes everything look so bright and pretty. Unlike my camera or phone. Boo!)

4. New pets

The kids found a super fuzzy caterpillar in our backyard the other day, so of course he is now in a pail on our table and has been named Friendly!  I'm not too sure what kind of caterpillar it is, but I am thinking it may be this one, Lymire edwardsii, also known as an Edwards Wasp Moth. (My SIL sent me to this identification site for caterpillars) I was just happy to hear he (or she?) wasn't poisonous!

The funny thing about this little fuzzy guy is that we don't have a top for the container he is in, yet he stays put. We add fresh leaves to it and a few drops of water, and he eats and stays. It wasn't until some little girl took him out to "play" with her, and left him unattended on a plate, that he went missing. I tried searching the floor and the table and we looked outside, since Miss E couldn't remember if it was inside or outside she left him, but he was gone. Phooey.  Much to my happiness, and my Hunny's surprise, we found him a few hours later crawling across our kitchen floor! (It surprised him so much, he jumped back in fright since all he saw was some furry thing on the floor! I laughed!)

5. This Girl

She is my spunky pants. I love her so much. I love her attitude and the fact that she does what she wants and doesn't care what others think. She is so adorable (can I say that about a girl about to be a teen?  I think I have a few more months left where I can call her that, right?) with her fuzzy pigtails!!

I am so thankful for all she does for our family. She is responsible and helps me out with the Youngers and will babysit for us when we want to run out to the store, or go for a coffee for a quiet time.

6. Sleepy Buddys

Kai did something unusual this week: he actually let someone up on to his bed! He sleeps on the top bunk and is very particular about who can (but mostly who can not...and that is everyone) touch his stuff. So I was quite surprised that he let Rhys up on his bed to snuggle until he went to his own bed. (Kai got to play with R's Leapster for a trade-off, but still, it was a nice guesture!) R was having fun being included, and he was snuggling up to his older brother happily when I peeked in on them!

7. Up to Date Immunizations

Bryn had an incident in our backyard this week that left him shrieking and screaming. Sometimes my kids can be loud and like to scream over nothing, but I knew this sounded different. When I got out to him, he had climbed up into the playhouse (I don't know why) and his foot was cut. Of course, when he saw the blood, he freaked out even more!  The sad thing is that where he was, and with his carrying on, I didn't know what had happened. At first I thought he was stung by a wasp (since we have a few around here) then I wondered if there was something stuck in his foot, but as he is dripping blood down our slide, I knew I needed him inside.  When I walked to him, I saw what it most likely was that happened: a rusty looking piece of metal on the ground. Inwardly I am groaning, uh oh! not good!

I carried him inside and my wonderful husband, who is trained in first aid level 3 (which is pretty high; I can just do bandaids and pull slivers!) got B cleaned up and checked over his foot. He was thinking the same thing I was, so I blurted out, "you're taking him!" I did not want to have to take the boy to the hospital for a tetanus shot! I have heard they are huge and painful and frankly the idea scares me!  But it turns out that Medical Clinics can do them, so I just needed to find one nearby that wasn't busy and could do it.  Thankfully, not only did B not need stitches (it was a clean cut without any flaps of skin that needed to be reattached) but even more thankfully, when I pulled out B's care card and immunization record (I keep them together, just in case) my Hunny was able to see that he had had his tetanus shot in 2011! So all I needed to do was confirm with the BC Nursesline about it, and woohoo! Thankfully, since it had only been three years since the shot, he was covered and we didn't need to go anywhere with him! (five years is the cut off for dirty, rusty metal. ten years if it was a clean piece of metal. just so you know at home!)  So my husband got some more saline on the cut to clean it out good, and slapped a huge bandaid with polysporin on it and we were good to go! (*Bryn would like you to know that he is thankful for that as well!)

B has learned to hop real good, and is slowly learning to ask for help (he is much like his father, so I have explained to him that it was good to not do it all and to let others help you out.) and seems to enjoy not having to do much that would require walking!

8. Flowers from Daddy

Every now and then, my Hunny likes to surprise us girls with flowers!

He came home with roses for me, and carnations for Abi and for Eden.

We were all happy and surprised!

(well, except for Rhys, who wanted to know why he didn't get any flowers!)

9. Teacher Visits

Each year, the Kindergarten teachers do home visits with their students. I think it is such a wonderful thing to do! So Rhys had his visit this morning.  Mrs. Ekkert is his teacher (she is new to our school and teaching) and she is so nice; it is going to be a good year!

The visit went well, except for when she left. Rhys was so sad; he wanted her to stay longer and to play with him!

Just two more weeks (11 days to be exact) until he starts school!

10. Inspirational Sidewalk Chalk

Abi likes to leave motivational and inspiring messages on the sidewalk sometimes ("Shine your light" and "You are loved") and she left this note the other day:

Hunny wrote this in response:

So sweet! I love my family!

11. parents back at home!

My parents have been in Powell River for the past two weeks visiting my brother and his family. I think it's great that they were able to go and be a part of their house for a while (and my dad helped my brother on a few jobs) but it is so good to have them home again!  I missed them! Even though they are in Chilliwack, (an hours drive), and we don't get to see them all the time, it just doesn't feel right when you know they aren't home and you can't drop in to visit! So hooray for their return! And for a family BBQ for us all to get together again!

There are so many things to be thankful for! How about you? Take a look back on your week and start your own list!


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