Friday, August 29, 2014

party at the park

My sister and her family attend Journey Church in Langley and every Tuesday this summer they held a free BBQ for the community at the park. We had been meaning to go for a while, but something always popped up instead (or I just plain forgot because I'm forgetful like that) So I made it our goal to attend this week, on their last bbq event!

We played, we ate, we laughed, we ran around (and found out that there isn't a bathroom and the school next door wasn't open, so it's a good thing that boys can pee in bushes! *blush*)

 There were water balloons to toss around!

(Bryn wasn't happy the balloon popped on his foot! He was worried about the bandaid on his cut.)

G-Man is so cute!  He didn't want to drop or lose his water balloon!

There was a playground and  the kids had fun getting dizzy with Uncle Andy!

We played bocce ball with a little girl named Melody. (What a pretty name!) She was nice, but didn't talk much. And then Eden dropped a ball on my toe and it stopped being fun!

There were nets and a few soccer balls out so Kai and Bryn played a bit.

Yay for evenings at the park,  free food,  bbqs and for hanging out with family (and their extended church family)! What a great way for a church to meet it's neighbours and to show love in a non-confrontational way (and not give any expectations on those who come out). Good job, Journey Church! If you are in the area of 208 & 83rd, and are looking for a small church, this is a great one to check out.


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