Monday, August 4, 2014

Serve 2014

Abi has been pretty involved in our church youth group for two years now, since she became old enough to join in grade six.  It's been so wonderful that we are a part of a church that has these groups for our children, and we love our Pastor Mike. They meet every Thursday, alternating between meeting in small groups (just their age/grade), large groups, and as a community youth group (partnering with 4 other churches) and have done different events, and they've gone for a weekend youth's been a great two years of growth.

Serve 2014 is a new venture project for them. Abi, along with 8 other youth, and 5 adult leaders, are staying for a week at the house of a church member and will be heading out to various missions groups and volunteering  in many ways. They will be cooking and serving meals at a soup kitchen, doing yard work at a recovery home, cleaning up a street in Langley, distributing food to homeless in Vancouver; it is going to be a very busy week! The purpose of the trip is to challenge the youth to share the love of Jesus through acts of service.

I was so proud of Abi for wanting to go on this local missions trip, and even more proud of her for raising the money needed. She had the task of raising $200, which she managed in three weeks by babysitting (although she was overpaid for one job just so that it could be put towards the trip!), yard work, and acquiring donations!  She is so very excited to be going!

At church, the group sat together in their matching blue shirts and stood at the front where the congregation laid hands on them and prayed over their week.  I was good and did not cry, like I thought I would do!

I am filled with so many emotions with this trip. I am thankful that it is just local! I am not worried about being away from us, or for her safety during the projects (although I am praying it isn't too hot for them; they are working outside a lot), I am just sad that she will be gone all week (what will we do with ourselves?), and I am overwhelmed with her serving heart. She has such a kind heart and a willingness to help out. I love how she is open to letting God use her in various ways.  I am so proud to have her as my daugher!

I got a message on FB from a friend who said that the pictures of Abi "eminates joy and a peaceful confidence.... Her smile shows a very wonderful heart."

This made me evening. When I've sent her off to do her work for a week, knowing it will be hard work and tiring work and it will challenge her and help the Spirit in her to grow...and knowing that I will have to wait a week to hear all about it and to be a part of it.  It's hard on my Mom-heart!


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