Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Now THIS version makes me Happy!

I took ASL (American Sign Language) when I saw 20 and I loved it! I wanted to continue on to take the Interpreters Course at Douglas Collage, but I ended up needing to retake Prep IV (the teacher said I missed too many classes, but I disagreed with him, but oh well) and things came up, like getting married and starting a new job.

Sadly, since so many years have passed, and since I don't have anyone to converse with, I have lost a lot of my ASL. It bugs me so much! I want so badly to learn more and to find a way to use it. The Deaf Culture is so amazing to me. If I could, I would go back and take those courses again. Maybe find a group to volunteer in, or a camp.

...another dream of mine....


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