Saturday, August 2, 2014

evening at the park

I haven't been able to get out much with the kids this summer since my Hunny is taking my van to work. I think it is to keep us homebound, so I can't spend any money shopping. Haha.  But it does save money on gas. ($1.51/litre? no thanks! My minivan and his truck are gas guzzlers! eep!)  So I decided to make plans and I packed up the kids and we headed to a water park for the evening. The bonus is that I met up with a friend I hadn't seen in a few weeks at the park too, so it was a win-win situation all around!  

The funny thing is that the kids didn't really want to go to the waterpark area, but instead had fun in the dry park!  After 30 degree weather today, I thought they'd welcome running around in the water, but they really aren't cold-blooded kids (or does liking cold water make you warm blooded? Whichever it is, they are the opposite! Most of the kids take after me in that effect. Give me a warm bath and I'm happy! but I digress...)  It turned out to be a perfect evening for them as it wasn't too hot anymore.

I was impressed with Bryn for being able to make across these ...whatever you call them! They're not quite monkey bars, and they turn, so it takes some skill to be able to swing yourself across all three of them. B has been practicing at school (since they have them at the playground there as well) and managed to get across it today! He was quite proud of himself and had to show me many times!

Abi had fun swinging as high as she could go and then spent some time mustering up the courage to jump off. The last picture is of her as she is landing.  It's funny to watch her swing with glee now. She hated it as a child! She did not like going in a swing and did not enjoy it even if I held her in my lap! So good to see she's outgrown that fear!

The kids had fun burying each other in the sand!

I have to say that this last photo made me so happy. For a kid who couldn't walk until he was 2, and couldn't jump with his feet leaving the ground until he was about 3, seeing him climb just is so wonderful to see! He is gaining confidence and skills on his own and I love it! Before, his excuse not to try was that he "didn't know how" to do things, and now he is attempting more.

He didn't make it much higher than that, just the next steps up, and I had to help him with his feet before he got nervous and wanted down, but that's still pretty amazing!  I love it when he accomplishes things that we so easily shrug off. Yay go Rhys!


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