Friday, August 1, 2014

red sky at night....

I just had to pull over and take some photos of the beautiful sunset this evening. I know that I don't have an expensive camera to take amazing photos on, and my cell is just an inexpensive one without a lot of the features others have, but I thought these turned out pretty good!

The sky was just so awesome; so orange and bright. And those clouds looked so fluffy. It was so amazing to just sit in the van and look up at it out the window. Absolutely incredible to think that this was put here just for us, like His own personal show to bless us; that this evening sky was a gift created by His own hand. It's just so amazing to think that this sunset was seen by so many, and that this very same sun warmed millions of others, and this beauty is found across this big world. That is just crazy to think of!

Even the kids had fun watching the beauty that was on display tonight.

 This picture isn't the best, but there was this cloud formation that just seemed to stretch and it looked like it was reaching out towards the earth. I thought it looked incredible. It was just hard to get a good shot of it where we were.

Kai took this last one from the back of the van. You can still see the blues and pinks and the orange glow of the sun as it starts to dip past the earth. So beautiful.

I thought it was so neat and funny to see that many people had posted pictures of the sunset to FB as well! 

God is so good.


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