Friday, August 22, 2014

closed before it was even open

I did a bit of calling around at Sunny Hill Centre to find out about our wait for an assessment.  We were referred some time in the fall and hadn't heard from them aside from a letter in January saying they needed some more paperwork from the doctor, so it was time to find out how things were going. I am so frustrated and disappointed to say that I found out that they closed our file at Sunny Hill before it could even be opened!!! They said that they didn't receive the info they needed from the doctor!

Sunny Hill Centre is a child rehabilitation and development program out of BCCH that we are hoping to have Rhys assessed at. The wait list is longer than a year...and now I have to wait til we get re-referred.

Out of automatic reflex, and our own experience with her, we assumed it was from our pediatrician that it was forgotten. So I called up her office ready to say some words (I ended up being polite, but strained enough to get the displeasure across) and her secretary (is that what they are still called today?) opened up R's file and informed me that they didn't send in the referral! What? oops. Oh yeah. I remember now how it was our family doctor who did it for us in the end, because I wasn't too sure if our pediatrician was going to ever do it or not. So that meant I had to call the family doctor's office. (I admit to being a bit more patient with that phone call. I have known the secretary there for many years and am fond of her) Teresa was surprised to think that they didn't send something out (as was I) and said they would've been reminded to do that. I had to tell her that a letter did go out in January requesting more information; we received the letter, as well as the pediatrician. (I remember wondering then if I needed to call Dr T to remind her to send off the paperwork, but decided that the ped should know how to do that. So even then I was confused at who was in charge with it)  So I was left with the message that they'd look into it. 

I am so disappointed that we are back at the beginning again, and we'll be put at the bottom of the wait list, even though we have been waiting for about 10 months already. I have had a few friends who have suggested that maybe our doctor could try to "pull some strings" and get him in sooner, but I don't know about that. That wouldn't be fair for other children who have been waiting. And I am reminded that while R is more of an almost-five year old than a six year old, and that he has always been a year + behind in growth, that he isn't doing too bad. He fits in well with the kids entering kindergarten, and he hasn't needed help in class in preschool. So I struggle with thinking he needs to pushed ahead of the wait list. An apology from Dr C would be nice though, a sheepish 'oops'. Maybe I'm too forgiving? But I guess there really isn't anything I can do about this mistake, except wait. Again.


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